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Atenas expats went kayaking in the Nicoya Peninsula

by Isabelle Jones

I like to keep my Atenas real estate blog with a variety of articles and this time I want to tell you about this great adventure we had. Howard and I won a 2 night kayak weekend via the Atenas Chili Cook-off raffle last February which benefits the Hogar de Vida, an orphanage in Atenas.
We, two of our great friends as well as 3 other wonderful folks spent 2 nights camping and kayaking last weekend with Vicky and Vigdis of Bahia Rica Adventures in Paquera on the Nicoya Peninsula. It was pura vida as we say in Costa Rica, or truly the “Pure Life”. The beaches we camped on were gorgeous. The kayaking was also amazing as well as the sunrises and sunsets.

Vicky adapts easily to everyone and makes it all work so smoothly. The birds, howlers and scenery were hard to beat. We live in Atenas and have been blessed to be able to visit and experience so much in this beautiful country but this was one of our most fantastic adventure trips ever! That says a lot about this recent adventure.

Trying to sleep in a canvas hammock with the howler monkees watching over me

You camp in canvas style hammocks. It’s a bit of a process since you enter via Velcro straps and then off you go. 1st night we set mine up pretty close to the ground and Vicky warned me. Well, I thought closer to the ground was better when I have to make my midnight bathroom stop. All was okay until I realized I was no longer inches from the ground but on it.

I also started hearing Coyotes and thought – oh-oh I may be a little too easy down here. So what does every good wife do but go expect her “man” to help her, which mine did. 1st, he raised the hammock much higher which should have happened initially.

Then, I took over his for the night. Once I became situated in my new “hammock”, I got the 1 or 2 a.m. giggles since of course as soon as I finally settled in – those coyotes/dogs started their routine again. For some reason, I thought it was hysterical but I’m sure Jim, my next mate over and my hubby Howard didn’t find me too amusing. Fun in the tropics!

The evening bioluminescence tour was the highlight for me! Something we’ve never experienced before. Truly life-altering and something we should all have a chance to see if we can.

Having a great time !

You are camping, so it is rustic but that’s part of the fun! Vicky utilizes and works with the local community so dinner and breakfast was cooked by the local Costa Ricans who live at the two spots we camped at. Everything was fresh and delicious. I’ve heard that if you stay at Vicky’s lodge, she is an amazing chef! We plan on doing that next time.

Expats and tourists can have a great time kayaking, fishing, a boat tour or for a nice stay at the Bahia Rica Lodge in Paquera.

They also have a Facebook page where you can follow the latest news. If you are the “5 star” Marriott type of traveler, the camping out wouldn’t be for you. If you enjoy an “out of this world” experience with some simplicity and natural beauty, then this is it!

For a great adventure, contact the Bahia Rica Lodge and to purchase Atenas real estate, contact Marian.

The kayaking was also amazing as well as the sunrises and sunsets.

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