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Most people dream about living in Atenas

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Living in Atenas, a mayor retirement community in Costa Rica

Living in Atenas is different than what you are used to and why retirees buy real estate in Atenas. There are many reasons why living in Atenas is so pleasant and appealing. The most interesting fact is that there are a few thousand retirees from all over the world who live in harmony with the locals.

The Ticos who live in Atenas will always recognize you as a foreigner, no matter how well you will learn to speak Spanish. You will find nonetheless, that the local environment is so relaxed, that people don’t really care where you come from, they will treat you well and considerately as long as you are respectful to their culture and language.

Atenas is not a retirement community like one you will find in Florida: an area with golf courses, community centers and lots of elderly people. Atenas is a village with the best weather in the world where locals mix with foreign expats, some retirees from other countries and others who started a business. See here to find out the reasons why people want to be living in Atenas.

To be able to succeed to be living in Atenas, there are several steps to be taken:

  1. Contact me well ahead of time and tell us all about your specifications, your lifestyle and your budget
  2. Let me know when you will be in Atenas and specify WHEN you will be moving to Atenas.
  3. You need different information from me if you will be purchasing Atenas real estate or if you are going to rent.
  4. Please specify for how long you will rent.
    Make sure you read our blogs on the GoDutch Realty website as well as the American – European Real Estate Group’s website, they will help you tremendously in your due diligence process.
  5. Learn as much Spanish as you can before moving to Atenas. Learn the basics; you will get the practice once you are living in Atenas.
  6. Come with a positive mindset and be ready to adjust to a new culture and people speaking a different language.
  7. Check on your legal residency situation before you move to Atenas. We can recommend options for legal representation in Atenas.

After you have taken all the above steps, and you would like me to represent you in your Atenas real estate needs, feel free to contact me NOW.

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