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Atenas Real Estate Testimonials

Our first trip to Costa Rica was to look at different areas and see if we wanted to choose Costa Rica for our retirement dream. We had made arrangements with Marian from Go Dutch Realty to look at rental homes. Marian found the “one” it was in Atenas and was one of Marian’s listings. She had several homes for us to look at but when we saw the Vista Atenas home…we were in love. The house was perfect and Marian was able to negotiate with the landlord to accept our two little dogs. She was so comforting and helpful and went way beyond what a real-estate agent would. When we came, with all our belongings in three suitcases each, Marian and her husband met us at the airport. They knew we had the dogs and had to go through the long and tedious process of getting them from the airport. Her husband brought transportation for me and all of our luggage to go ahead to our new
Client - Buyer
We are pleased to recommend Marian to others searching for the perfect home in Atenas. We met on our fourth or fifth trip to Costa Rica trip, after exchanging emails. While we had selected things we were interested in seeing, as everyone knows, seeing it on the internet versus “for real” is a different experience. As we went through homes, she watched our reactions, asked tons of questions at each house, and quickly digested and understood what was important to us. Marian didn’t try to oversell us beyond our stated budget, was candid about what homes may not work for us, and introduced us to Pablo Arias for our real estate attorney. (Whom I recommend as well!). She attended our meetings and held our hands through the process. As important, Marian remains post-closing what my husband describes as our “concierge”. She helps with everything! Need a fence builder? OK! Need a contractor for your casita? OK! Want to meet people? Join our dinner! Suffice to say, we recommend her without reservations.
by Sarah and Lynn Smith
Client - Buyer
We are not accustomed to such excellent service in the United States. We could not be any happier or indebted to Marian and continually tell her she is our “lifesaver” while we are in Costa Rica. Marian rates a 10+ and we would recommend her to anyone who is interested in Costa Rica living. She has become more than a Real Estate agent to us, she has become a friend. She is the BEST.
by Don & Pat Walzel
Client - Buyer, Rio Frio, Texas
Hello Christopher (of Christopher Howard's Relocation / Retirement Tours) I have great news. I just bought a house in Roca Verde, Atenas. A beautiful house with panoramic views.  When I am moved in and unpacked I would love for you and your groups to come to visit so that I can help people with my experiences in making the big move to Costa Rica!  ie...The only thing to fear is fear itself!! It was a lot of work and a long haul to get here but I did it! (Marian Veltman is my Realtor and she has been fabulous! ) Hope to see you in the not too distant future and THANK YOU, Christopher, for your knowledge and expertise. The tour I did with you in November 2016 was immensely helpful to me!
by Lindsay
Client - Buyer

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