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Atenas expats went kayaking in the Nicoya Peninsula

by Isabelle Jones I like to keep my Atenas real estate blog with a variety of articles and...
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What is so special about Atenas real estate?

by guest blogger Ivo Henfling A standard question I get from future retirees and expats is...
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An Atenas Expat Visa Run

by guest blogger Tina Rodriguez Diego and I have been in Atenas for 10 months and we love...
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Atenas has its own Bomberos!

by guest blogger Carole Connolly Ever since the raging fire in Roca Verde last March I had...
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Rural developments in Costa Rica should form aqueduct to secure water supply

by Ivo Henfling Costa Rica is trying to secure the water supply for the next generations, a...
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Su Espacio – a Community Center in Atenas

by guest blogger Carole Connolly Su Espacio, which means your space in Spanish, is a...
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Why does having AC in Atenas homes not make ANY sense?

by guest blogger Ivo Henfling You will see very few AC units in Atenas homes, so when you...
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Yoga in Atenas

15 friends, a beautiful resort, Lake Arenal and a snake biteā€¦ Yes, you read that right a...
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