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What is so special about Atenas real estate?

by guest blogger Ivo Henfling A standard question I get from future retirees and expats is “what is so special about Atenas real estate”? I know Costa Rica very well, because of my job, my background and the time I have lived in Costa Rica: 34 years. I think I can make a quite honest comparison with real estate elsewhere in the Central Valley of Costa Rica.When I started the American European...

Rural developments in Costa Rica should form aqueduct to secure water supply

by Ivo Henfling Costa Rica is trying to secure the water supply for the next generations, a commendable task and a great initiative. Unfortunately, this has everyone running around trying to find out what is going on and what to do.The unofficial association of Hacienda Atenas, a beautiful community in the Atenas hills, organized a meeting for their members, inviting attorneys Henry Viquez and Mr....

Why does having AC in Atenas homes not make ANY sense?

by guest blogger Ivo Henfling You will see very few AC units in Atenas homes, so when you are in the market to look at Atenas homes for sale, you will know what to look for. After the Costa Rica real estate boom, many investors mistakenly stopped building spec homes in Atenas, so the inventory of good homes on the market is small. Atenas homes still sell as well as ever because Atenas is such a...

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